sexta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2014


Hey hey guys, It's Fridayyy!!! :D
I am, without a doubt undoubtedly a tattos freak! I don't have any yet because I haven't done the allergy tests to find out if I have or not allergy to the ink, & EVERYONE should do this, cuz can be really dangerous!!
But anyways I have been doing my own research for tattos ideas, and I'm gonna share with you. It would be GREAT if you guys helped me to decide :p
I hope I can give you guys some ideas too, if you have the will to do a beautiful piece of art in your body!

Love you 4 ever, Dreamer!

Now, do you understand why I need your help right?!?!

I want you to see something that I actually like, it's white ink tattos in white skins, I'ts way more soft and so classy, really love it!

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  1. Omg as tattoos brancas são demais!!
    Adoro tanto a primeira.
    Bjoca linda

    1. Obrigada Princesa! Também adoro a 1ª, é perfeita! <3


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