sábado, 31 de janeiro de 2015

Hey guys! As you guys may have noticed, today's post is about RINGS!
I love, love...love rings! They are so fun to wear, and I prefer this over any other accessory.
Almost every single one of my rings have some kind of history, and I will try (really hard) to briefly tell some of them.
So, I'm gonna show you my personal ring collection (:

Bijou Brigitte: 

I love this ring so much because it was the first ring I bought! This was the one responsible for my passion!

This ring is very special because it was a Christmas gift. I was offered by a girl even more special and wonderful: Mariana.  She is so beautiful and I'm really glad that life has given me the opportunity to meet her.

Also this was a birthday gift, I was offered by my godmother. She is the best!

I bought this when I went to see the concert of the band that I love so much. So this ring reminds me that day so special.

I gave a name to my turtle: Tachá.                      It is one of the most expensive rings I have, but I like it so much that it worth the money at 100%

Had bought a ring when (unfortunately) broke after a short time. In the store gave me an exchange valley where I could exchange it for another ring, within one year. And this was the one.


This one I bought it because I liked it.

Bought this set of rings because I didn't own a set of small and more simple rings, that sometimes can be quite useful.

I bought this ring because I loved the fact that resemble with lace. It was all golden, but is already widely used.

Another gift offered by my godmother. When I arrived from a trip she had this ring waiting for me! (:

This ring has a hilarious story. I've seen it in the Parfois site and I went to the store to buy it (in the site was sold out), but was not available in the store, in fact, the lady of the store told me that was not available in any store in the country. But she, very friendly, asked me the phone number in case more rings come to the store. Spent a lot of time, I get a message saying that the ring had come to the store, when I got there, the size was to big. When I went out the door empty-handed, the lady went to the warehouse to see if they had a smaller size, and had.So luck!


Also this peacock has a name: Gustave.                                                                                   The name is very obvious, because I bought it when I went to Paris, in an fair that was right next to the Eiffel Tower (Gustave Eiffel). So I have a huge affection for this ring, not only for being super original and different but because it reminds me of my trip.

This ring is the last that I added to my collection. I find it adorable, because ... well...are the seven dwarfs! (: I bought it in Sheinside.

This was a gift from my mother, and it's so comfortable! I love it (:

I really like this ring in special because I bought it when I went to Spain, to a group of people who made several pieces of jewelry by hand.

I bought this ring / bracelet at h&m and I love it because it is unlike anything I have

Future Dream rings: 

Now I'm gonna show you two rings that I want to have, that with hard work, I will have! (:

This ring is Pandora and I really like it! I identify 100% with it

Yes this is my dream ring. It is Gemvara shop, and this ring is part of a collection inspired by the Disney princesses (Check it here). This itself is inspired by Tinkerbell, and this ring gasket ALL what I love, starting with the fact that it is big and end up in the fact that has my favorite color!

Now tell me if you like rings and what it's your favourite! (:

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  1. Adorei o 3º e o 6º da Bijou Brigitte, o 2º e o 3º da Parfois e o anel/bracelete :)

  2. These rings are absolutely stunning! So bold and over the top. They are the perfect statement accessory.

  3. Gosto imenso do da cobra, mas o dos 7 anões é o mais engraçado :P


  4. All your rings are awesome! I coudn't even pick one as my favorite! I'm a HUGE fan of rings, they're definitely my favorite accesory!!


  5. Lindos...ficava com todos!

    Isabel Sá

  6. Uauuu. Adorei os anéis. E são divertidos :b aquele dos sete anões!!! Lindo!!!! Hehe.

  7. r: Se prestarmos atenção às pequenas coisas que nos acontecem somos muito mais felizes, sem dúvida :)


  8. Hello. My favourite rings are the turtle and the peacock, really cute :) I am following you via GFC, it would be nice if you followed me back :)



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