quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2015

Do you love Cinema? Movies? Hollywood? SO DO I! (:
And I'll leave here the movies that I'm dying to see!
Please tell me if you agree with me!

- 50 shades of grey (release: 14.02.2015)

- Into the woods (release: 29.01.2015)

Words for what? this will be definitely a winner!
Nominated for several Oscars I think will win them all.

- The Theory of everything (release: 29.01.2015)

This movie is a promise. The story about a brilliant scientist.

- Minions (release: 25.06.2015)

- Cinderella (release: 02.04.2015)

This trailer is so PERFECT! Check it out and you will be in love!

- The imitation game (release: 05.02.2015)

- The woman in black 2- Angel of death (release: 29.01.2015)

Those who know me, know that I loved the fist movie, with Daniel Radcliffe,
 so I hope that this one exceed!

- Pan (release: 23.07.2015)
A version (quite) alternative from the original, we'll see.

- Big eyes (release: 29.01.2015)

It's a movie from Tim Burton. Enough said, right?!

This year will be an awesome one regarding the seventh art, which means that I will spend my share of money in theaters & gummys (because I don't eat popcorns in movies)! (:

*There may be a little mistake of the release
 dates (of a day or two) in some movies

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  1. Fifty shades of grey! Into the woods! The theory of everything! Minions! Venham eles. Adoro ver filmes também ;)
    Os outros não estou bem a par mas venham também =)

  2. can't wait to see 50 shades of grey and Cinderella =))))

  3. I am such a big fan of movies. I definitely go to too many, I think! I am super excited about the Minion movie!

  4. Quero muito ver As Cinquenta Sombras de Grey :)

  5. Quero tanto ir ver o Into the Woods e o The Imitation Game :3
    segui de volta, querida! parabens pelo blog !!
    beijinhos http://beuniqueblog.blogspot.pt

  6. love your blog ♥
    follow you, follow me?

  7. Like your blog very much. I am following you, could you follow me back, pls:



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